Cheapest Places To Travel On Budget In 2018

In this list, we will be featuring ’17 Cheapest Places To Travel In The World In 2018 On Budget’. Traveling is one of the most important activities which everyone should adopt in their life. It provides us the way to learn from nature and to know about things, which otherwise, we would never know. We get to meet so many people from all over the world and get to try their way of lifestyle. These experiences are invaluable and cannot be traded for anything but, sometimes budget gets in our way, and we lose so many opportunities to explore the world. So, finding cheapest places to travel becomes extremely handy in these type of situations. You will definitely love our ‘Budget Travel Guide’.

Cheapest Places To Travel In The World On Budget

However, worry not, in this article, we’ll be discussing on 17 of the cheapest place where you can travel without hurting your pocket much. Finding cheapest places is extremely difficult in this ever-advancing world but, the places in this list are budget-friendly and despite being that, it will provide you the ultimate traveling experience in your life.

1. Thailand – Budget Travel Guide

thailand budget travel guide

The dream country for everyone who wants to explore the rich culture of South-East Asia. The most beautiful part of traveling in Thailand is that you’re never alone, and you’re always surrounded by friendly people who never back down from helping the tourist. Want to take a break from your sucking 9-5 schedule?

The wait is over, pack your bags and set out on an amazing journey in a country with rich vegetation galore, tons of breathtaking beaches and food that will melt both your tongue and heart. From delightful food to adventurous motorbiking, Thailand is one of the best choices for the backpackers, and all of this is extremely cheap which makes Thailand an attractive place for budget travelers.

2. Vietnam – Budget Travel Guide

vietnam budget travel guide

After the Vietnam war, Vietnam has evolved so much since then and now, it has become an absolute priority for travelers. The overall beauty of the country is beyond comparison, and it’s a place perfect for people looking for spiritual peace as the country is rich cultural temple galore.

Breathtaking green locations, beautiful beaches, cities with wild culture is sure to make you lost in its culture. The main attractions of the country are Mekong Delta’s paddy field, Sam Mountain, Halong Bay. When it comes to food, Vietnam is sure to make you an eternal fan as both the local food and the high profile cuisines are rich in taste and also budget friendly. All these fun and no need to bother about the budget is what makes a trip to Vietnam even more enticing.

3. Uruguay – Budget Travel Guide

uruguay budget travel guide

This is a heaven for beach lovers as the country is famous for its beautiful beaches all around, mesmerizing cuisines, great people and all round scenic beauty. Cabo Polonio is a great tourist attraction because of its rich wildlife and a great coastline.

The country is still dominated by the neighboring countries of Argentina or Brazil, but, over the past, things have gotten better and be sure to check the capital of Montevideo which was the home of Spanish citadel once upon a time.

4. South Africa – Budget Travel Guide

south aftrica budget travel guide

A place which has attracted adventurous travelers and animal lovers for generations, South Africa is in a league of its own when it comes to getting lost in the Mother Nature. The country is full of rich heritage, and a heaven for those who love thrills, starting from mountains to hiking to forests, you’ll get it all and never complain about your trip.

The main attraction is the wild safaris which give you the ultimate opportunity to come across a variety of animals. When you’re traveling to South Africa, don’t forget to dive into the capital, Cape Town as it is full of surprises. All this experience at a very cheap rate is like a strawberry on top of the cake.

5. Bulgaria – Budget Travel Guide

cheapest places to travel in the world

Everything you’ve heard about Bulgaria is just the scratch. Bulgaria offers beautiful beaches, great locals, awesome foods, a frisky nightlife and many more for a very affordable price. Budget travelers love this place and the main attractions are the old towns of Varna and Plovdiv with eye-satisfying architectures. You can also opt for mountain biking or trekking.

6. Greece – Budget Travel Guide

budget travel guide

When it comes to living ancient history, Greece is a must in your bucket list. An all-around package with beautiful beaches, breathtaking locations, unique architecture style, great food with great people and a budget-friendly place to visit. Summers are bustling with tourists and probably the best time to visit this great place. There is no doubt that you’ll have the best time of your life in Greece.

7. Prague, Czech Republic – Budget Travel Guide

cheapest place to visit

When it comes to beauty, Prague can even give Paris a run for its money. Prague is one of the cheapest places to visit, and a great attraction for bachelors because of the abundance of beer. The city has high historical values, and tourists are always fascinated to know more about it.

The city is full of churches, cathedrals and is famous all over the world for its art galleries in St Agnes, Bohemia etc. Take a trip to the entire city, and you’ll be surprised in every corner. Old Town Square is a paradise to relive yourself in the history as it is full of old-school cafes, gardens, ancient chapels and many more.

8. Portugal – Budget Travel Guide

Portugal budget travel guide

One of the best places in entire Europe, Portugal is the best place to travel when you hate crowds. This country has lots to offer, ranging from, stunning coastline beaches, out of the world cities with great architecture style, mouth-watering food, great people and an excellent weather. Major attractions are The Abbey of Santa Maria, Coimbra, Alentejo and the vibrant culture of Lisbon.

9. Bolivia – Budget Travel Guide

Bolivia budget travel guide

Located in South America, Bolivia, a great option to explore the rain forest without thinking too much about the budget. It’s the best counterpart to Brazil, and here, it is less crowded, and the exploring experience of the diverse vegetation is far more appealing. It is advised to carry cash all time as ATMs are extremely rare. The major attractions are the salt flats of Salar de Uyuni, The Pampas etc.

10. New Orleans, USA – Budget Travel Guide

New Orleans has changed so much after the American Civil War and has become a major tourist destination. The city resembles so much of the French culture and is a paradise for a music lover. Street performers are everywhere, and no matter where you go, music will follow you in every corner.

Pack your bags and explore the city with your love mate by foot and enjoy every moment of the indulging high spirited lifestyle. Major attractions of the city are The Garden District, The French Quarter, New Orleans City Park and a lot more.

11. Mexico – Budget Travel Guide

Mexico budget travel guide

A great budget-friendly country to visit. An abundance of great people, attractive locations throughout, world-famous tacos and tequilas is what makes Mexico apart from others. The beaches are just so ravishing with awesome weather and warm sands.

The country also has a rich history in form of the Mayan ruins. The jungles are diverse with a variety of species of both birds and animals. Oaxaca is famous for its street food, and the major attractions are Tulum, Mexico City, Chichen Itza and many more.

12. Shanghai, China – Budget Travel Guide

Shanghai, China budget travel guide

A major tourist attraction for travelers all over the world. Tourists visit in huge numbers every year to experience the rich Chinese culture, explore the place full of sky-scrapers and art buildings. The top view from any of the tall building is an experience of the lifetime, and don’t forget the wild nightlife. Chinese food is always loved by all and who doesn’t love xiao long bao soup dumplings, or zongzi? Having time at hand is advised to experience the transition from old to modern China.

However, the budget could be a problem but, well planning and a smart strategy before setting off is a perfect solution

13. Istanbul, Turkey – Budget Travel Guide

Istanbul, Turkey budget travel guide

The place where east meets the west is what defines modern Istanbul. The major city is full of historical values and famous for its rich cultural heritage. The vibrant architecture styles from the Byzantines and the Ottomans, great local life, beautiful food is what you need to spice up your boring lifestyle. Major attractions are Aya Sofya, Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace and the Grand Bazaar.

14. Laos – Budget Travel Guide

Laos budget travel guide

When it comes to visiting a great place without spending too much, Laos is a top choice for solo travelers. Once, famous for its wild energetic parties, Laos has transformed into a more gentle, and a slow pace country.

A perfect combination of religion, food, great locals, beautiful sceneries is what makes Laos stands out from other budget-friendly places. The rivers are the perfect place to get lost in nature, and if you want more, hire a boat and experience the ride for yourself. Major attractions are Luang Prabang, Nong Khiaw, The Plain of Jars, Vang Vieng etc.

15. The Gambia – Budget Travel Guide

The Gambia budget travel guide

Despite being the smallest in the African continent, Gambia has its own perks which attract tourists around the world. One of the cheapest places, Gambia is famous for its rich vegetation and enriching wildlife. Enjoy the coastline and a large variety of wildlife species as they enjoy themselves in their natural habitat. One of the best things is the locals, who are extremely friendly and always a great company to hang out with. Major tourists attractions are Baobolong Wetland Reserve and the River Gambia National Park.

16. Egypt – Budget Travel Guide

budget travel guide egypt

The home of ancient history and Pyramids, Egypt provides a highly interactive and educational journey. The food is excellent at low budget and accommodations are also affordable. Major attractions are Abu Simbel, Valley of the Kings, Pyramids, River Nile, bustling community of Cairo and many more.

17. India – Budget Travel Guide

India budget travel guide

Every year countless travelers visit and learn about the rich cultural heritage of India. India is hands down one of the best destinations to travel when you are on a tight budget. The extravagant cuisines will remain etched in your mind but, the street food of India is on a whole other level. Tourists from all over the world experience the heart-warming hospitality of Indian people and the diversities in culture and religion. Major attractions are Taj Mahal, beaches of Goa, Golden City of Jaisalmer, Gate Way of India and many more.

This completes our list of 17 cheapest places to travel in 2018 on a tight budget. Despite being cheap, you’ll get the most out of your time and money.


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